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Axxess - by Audio Group Denmark

Axxess Noir (Set of Four)

Axxess Noir (Set of Four)

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Optional BB's

Inspired by Ansuz - Axxess Noir resonance control devices supercharge the performance of everything they go under! There are three great ways to use Noirs:

  • With BB's under a device's Ringed Footers: Take your Axxess, Børresen & Ansuz products to the Next Level buy using Noirs with 3 titanium BB's on each! Noirs with BB's each "locks" into the ringed footers included on Axxess, Børresen & Aavik products, raising their performance higher than Noirs alone!

  • Directly under a device's chassis: Don't have ringed-footers? - no problem! Set three Noirs in a triangle layout beneath the chassis of your favorite amplifier, DAC, streamer, power distributor, turntable, CD transport and more, for a surprising performance boost!

  • Under Spikes: Noirs work great under equipment with spikes too! Just flip the Noir to expose the divot on its underside - perfect for centering and stabilizing spiked devices! 

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Maintains the music

The Axxess Noir resonance control devices are built on the same principles as the Ansuz Darkz devices. We’ve worked hard to find the right material that maintains the musical and energetic experience.

Technologies and Components

Axxess Noir

Axxess Noir resonance control devices absorb vibrations that are not directly related to the signal path. The absorption results in an audible vibration feedback, which affects the sound quality. The Axxess Noir device is made from a special mineral-filled composite material that preserves the music signal. This resonance control devices enhance the listening experience by minimizing unwanted vibrations, allowing listeners to fully immerse themselves in the music. The Axxess Noir consist of 3 discs. Each of the top two discs floats on three titanium balls, to ensure excellent handling and absorption of sound vibrations.

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